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A rogue's tale


Name: Nicolette Anne 'Nikki' or 'Anna'
Age: 16 going on 17 (in a week! 17 on the 17th :) )
State or Country & Timezone: Nowheresville(Chesapeake) Virginia/ standard eastern time USA
AIM: Sorachan07
Yahoo: SpenceCarlin
MSN: n/a

Other Characters at this Comm: N/A (mmaybe if need be?)

Name: Marie Anna D'Ancanto
X-men/Brotherhood/Other (specify if other): X-men all the way.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Aburn with white streaks
Eye Color: green
Appearance: Rogue is usually always covered up unless she's alone. She has an athletic build; and can be described as having a sort of goth appearance.

Parents Names: Her real parents' names are unkown and died when she was four. Destiny and Mystique are her fosters mothers
Siblings Names: Kurt (Nightcrawler)
Birthday: August 17th. 1992
Character History: Rogue's parents died in the mutant/human war when she was four. She spent a short time in the orphanage, most of which she doesn't remember and was adoped by Destiny. She lived with the Destiny up until the present when she and Mystique tried to turn her over to the brotherhood. She recently found out abotu Mystique being her mother; although she denies it completely.
General Personality: Rogue is pretty much a loner and always has been. She chooses her friends and even then remains mostly in the background. She's grown a weird sort of bond with Logan, which is more like father and daughter than crush. Rogue has big heart and stormy emotions, thus she's very moody at times. Rogue doesn't like to let her feminine side show; but she has one. She's very quiet.
Likes: Doing what's right, taking care of people, rock music, saving the world/helping people
Dislikes: invasions of personal space, too much happiness. overly outgoing people, her mutation
Describe your character with 5 words: Quiet. Misnderstood, Covered, Complex. Loner.

Relationships: She wishes something would happen with Scott who has become a close friend, and sort of likes Gambit.

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